Mission Statement

Montessori Schools in Fulham

At Dawmouse Montessori Nursery Schools, we strive to provide a nurturing environment for your child's overall development.

Mission Statement

As parents, we are all striving to give our children the best opportunities, we can, and education plays a major role in all our lives. Here at Dawmouse, we believe in the uniqueness and unparalleled abilities of every child. The Montessori teaching methods and materials stimulate a child’s mind and allows them to be in a constant state of learning and working. We are not preparing children for the exams and tests which will confront them in later life but preparing them for life itself. We believe that good manners and respect for others is as important as the other academic areas of school life.
Admission and term dates
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Your child will enjoy learning

To succeed at school, a child must be happy and enthusiastic and the same applies to the teachers. This is the first rung onto the school ladder and we are committed to making that step as happy and fulfilling as we possibly can.
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A happy environment for children

Our school is committed to providing the best emotional and intellectual development tools for your children. Find out more about us, take a look at our inspection report and contact us today. You can view our curriculum here.
Dawmouse Montessori Nursery Schools of Fulham provides quality nursery education for 2-5 year old children.

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