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Educationalists and parents alike around the world are realising more and more that Montessori offers an unparalleled learning environment for young children.
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Message from the principal, Miss Emma

As parents, we are all striving to give our children the best opportunities we can, and education plays a major role in all our lives. Here at Dawmouse, we believe in the uniqueness and unparalleled abilities of every child. The Montessori teaching method and materials stimulate a child’s mind and allow them to be in a constant state of learning and working. We are not preparing children for the exams and tests which will confront them in later life but preparing them for life itself. We believe good manners and respect for others to be as important as the other academic areas of school life. To succeed at school, a child must be happy and enthusiastic and the same applies to the teachers. This is the first rung onto the school ladder, and we are committed to making this step as happy and fulfilling as we possibly can.


The timetable includes language, maths, science, active learning, dance, drama, music, cookery, gym and art. There is also a topic subject each term, school outings to the theatre, museum or farm, parent evenings, concerts, plays and sports day. We also have a Music and Frenchs lesson with visiting tutors.

Practical life skills

The use of the practical life materials allows the children to develop their independence and confidence. This is accomplished through meaningful activity, using real-life familiar objects to acquire and perfect skills of daily living. These exercises help develop concentration and co-ordination of movement, together with perseverance, patience and care of oneself and the environment. Emphasis is placed on courtesy, good manners and the consideration of others.

Sensorial activities

Sensorial materials are introduced to help refine the senses and each piece of equipment contains one isolated quality such as size, colour, sound, smell and texture. The materials help the children recognise differences and similarities, enabling them to have a clear understanding of impressions. As shapes define the characteristics of all written letters and numerals, geometric shapes are introduced at an early age to help with shape recognition and further extend vocabulary.

Language development

We are constantly providing opportunities for extending vocabulary through conversation and circle time. This is essential for the development of social skills and future academic work. The children learn the phonetic sound of the letters and are encouraged to build their own words before reading the words of others. They then move on to reading and writing and get a real understanding of language and how written symbols carry meaning. In many different lessons, the children are exposed to songs, stories and rhymes that further assist their talking and listening skills. The ever-changing book corner gives them the opportunity and encouragement to become familiar with books and their uses.


The Montessori designed materials are used to introduce the concepts of maths. The children learn quantities and matching symbols, always working from concrete (what they know and can see) to the abstract, developing a natural understanding of basic mathematical concepts. The children become familiar with sorting, matching, ordering, sequencing, and counting activities, which form the basis for early mathematics.


We aim to give children an awareness of themselves as individuals and as individuals within a greater environment. We want to nurture a feeling of love, respect and responsibility to the natural world during a time when children are highly sensitive to their environment. We introduce lessons involving geography, science, cookery, history and biology to assist the child in his/her quest for knowledge. In this nurturing environment, children are supported in developing their confidence, independence and self-respect. They are encouraged to work independently but also as part of a group, sharing and working with other children and adults. Through activities, conversation and practical example, they learn to express their own feelings and have respect for the feelings of others.

Creative development:

At Dawmouse Montessori Nursery School, we encourage the children to develop their artistic abilities using the full range of artistic and craft materials. The children are encouraged to construct their individual response to experience in two and three dimensions. There are many opportunities for imaginative role-play, both individually and as part of a group. We also have a music lesson to introduce singing and playing of musical instruments, sound and rhythm. During the music lesson, we prepare for the Easter concert and Christmas play. We also have a dance and drama lesson to introduce balance, control of movement, co-ordination and expression.

Physical development

Dawmouse is a supporter of a physical development programme being at the core of the curriculum. We have a daily active learning programme that incorporates a range of exercises in our spacious gym to include non-competitive games. The children are encouraged to work together and individually in movement programmes that involve listening skills, use of new vocabulary, range of movement and use of imagination. There is also a gym lesson to develop motor skills such as climbing, jumping, throwing and hand to eye co-ordination. This lesson is used as preparation for Sports Day. Playtime is also an important stage of development for building relationships, imaginative role-play, using space and relaxation.
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When you enrol your children with us, you can be confident of placing them in a safe, fulfilling and stimulating environment that helps them learn crucial life skills.
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